Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Week 1 Posts: Impressions of Introductory Video & Class/Comment on Weblogg-ed article

1) The video opened my eyes...most of the time I was staring at the screen with my jaw dropped or saying "Wow, really?"  It's incredible to see statistics that blow the U.S. and Americans out of the water, and to see how pervasive and exponential that technology and social media growth is across the globe.  The stats about education and health care blew me away.

2) I liked Shelly's approach and instruction since Day 1 of this course, but I had no idea what I was getting into, and what the whole concept behind a "Paperless Classroom" was.  On the first day of class I was skeptical about why and how this would even be worthwhile/beneficial in addition to the mounds of extra work we need to do for the classroom.  I did keep an open mind....eventually got bit by the SM bug, but still have more to do to get involved and build my PLN!

3) I posted a comment on an article on tech education...Check out the article and comments on Weblogg-ed at this link. Here's a copy of my comments below:
       "At the start of each school year, instructors across all grade levels are encouraged to introduce their set of rules and expectations in a positive list of "Do's" rather than a negative list of "Don'ts". This way, we can set the year off on a more nurturing and positive note, instead of making students feel like they are always breaking a rule or up against authority -- their teachers who care about their growth as students and young individuals. This philosophy aligns well with what Will promotes here, so I definitely agree!"

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  1. Thanks for getting into the blogging thing. It really helps (as a teacher) to understand what your students are thinking about (and in their own way rather than just in class).

    I would like to see your responses to Second Life; you have 'til grades go in to get that together.