Thursday, October 15, 2009

Week 2 Posts: Using Twitter to build a PLN / Blogging in Education

Here are 3 short articles from Mashable that highlight some benefits of using Twitter in your everyday life...and what I have to say about them.  CHECK OUT THESE AND MORE at the Mashable link above!!!

Tasty Tweets: 55+ Foodies to Follow on Twitter

MMMM- delicious!  This article is chock-full of links and info for new recipes and cooking ideas...great for someone who loves to cook and needs to learn to appreciate Twitter more! 

How To Do Good On Twitter

So who knew you could tweet and help others at the same time! This article will change anyone's mind (like my own) who though Twitter was just about following the latest celeb gossip and status updates.  Among many things, this article tells how you can follow certain charities, fundraisers, and even help those in need find a job in this tough economy!

Tweet Ideas: 13 Things to Do on Twitter Besides Tweet

This was a great source of info for a novice Twitter user like myself.  It shows how you can share so many things from music, videos, business cards, bookmarks, games, and even job posts on the fabulous Twitter social network.  What good ideas and a useful article...Check 'em out for yourself.

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