Thursday, October 15, 2009

Week 4 Assignments: Social Multimedia

Out of the number of multimedia apps we explored in class, I am now obsessed with  I don't even watch my TV to flip through channels or put on DVDs anymore.  I can see all of my favorite TV shows (current and old), as well as a number of movies for FREE on this site.  As a social media site, it also allows me to easily share and embed these shows and movies with all of my friends and family who like to follow the same shows that I do -- especially if we missed it on primetime television or want to save money from renting a DVD.  Did I mention I'm obsessed?  Check it out for yourself at


  1. Wow. So we managed to create a Hulu-obsessive. Cool.

    I think the president is obsessed with it as well; he runs his weekly 'fireside chat' on Hulu... sort of bringing that presidential tradition to the Digital Age.


  2. I completely agree. Hulu is a great resource to show clips and such. I like to show clips of Law and Order when talking about Constitutional freedoms and Miranda rights. It's pretty cool that this stuff is so easily accessible and we no longer have to seek it out illegally!